With the State of Disaster, community groups have taken different approaches to meeting, depending on the consensus of the group. Some groups have made the decision to suspend meetings for now, while others do meet but in smaller groups, in homes, while others still  meet “virtually” via Zoom.

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Joining a Bible Study, or Community Group, is an integral part of Church-life. Not only is a Community Group a safe and comfortable place to grow spiritually as you dive deeper into God’s Word and explore the truths which are found in the Scriptures, but it also gives folks an opportunity to ask questions and address their own specific needs and concerns. This level of intimacy also allows for prayer for the needs of the group and the broader community to be expressed.

HeronBridge Community Church holds a number of short-term, topic-based Community Groups in the homes of our church members. These groups vary in length as well as topic, running for between 6-8 weeks at time. We hope and pray that you would find one where you feel welcomed, loved and at home.



Connect with our Sunday Services on You Tube.

Because getting connected is not only about you getting involved with what we are doing as at HeronBridge Community Church, we would like to stay connected with you!

If you are new, or maybe you’ve been part of our family for awhile now, please take some time to fill in or update your contact details.

Please join us for lunch and meet the pastor and his family.



Being part of Heronbridge Community Church means getting involved in the action too! Our last visit was in October. Our next visit will be in 2020. Please contact Trish if you’d like more information :

Israel Tour 2021


Heronbridge Community Church is hoping to run a tour to Israel in 2021. For more information, please contact Trish at


If you’d like to serve in some way in the life of the church, please click here!

Heronbridge Community Church is hoping to run a tour to Israel in May 2020. For more details have a look here: Israel 2020 – or sign up on this form, or contacting Trish at

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