NOTE: We are running online Alpha via Zoom which we call “Zalpha”. We start our next “Zalpha” on Thursday, 3 September 2020 at 7pm. If you would like more information please contact Trish on 079 034 1545.

HeronBridge Community Church believes that everyone should have the chance to explore the Christian faith in a safe and comfortable space through questions and discussions. The Alpha Course is a series of sessions, each exploring a different topic around faith, aimed at sparking honest discussion in a non-judgmental and non-threatening environment. Each session is fundamentally centered around good food, a talk and a group discussion.

Watch the Video Here

HeronBridge Community Church aims to run Alpha Courses twice a year.



The aim and purpose of the Care Ministry is to love and care for those in need in our church community. It takes many forms, and  many are involved in various ways to show love and care e.g. phoning/visiting the sick, comforting those who have experienced loss, making and distributing masks, knitting beanies for the children in Diepsloot, meals for the sick, pamper packages, and of course lots of prayer.

HeronBridge Community Church understands that as the Body of Christ we are called to look after, care for and provide for those who may be struggling.

Project200, which was launched during Lockdown, now falls under care. Project220 strives to provide weekly meal packs of nutritious non-perishable food items that may be given to those families or individuals in our church community who are in need.

Should you wish to fill our food parcel pantry, please donate items in the Project220 food parcels. The list of items we need is here.

Donations can also be dropped off with Mandisa Makasi at HeronBridge College, Cottage 9, or can be brought with you on Project220 packing and sorting days.

Another initiative we have is Second Chance. Donations of second hand clothing can also be dropped off with Mandisa, or brought along on Project220 days. These clothes are sorted and bundled for re-sale, but  we always first and foremost give to any church members in need. Those who receive bundles for re-sale i.e. those who are unemployed or informally employed, sell the items and tithe from their sales.



NOTE: This ministry is online, at 08h45 each Sunday, until the National Lockdown in South Africa is lifted and it is safe for kids to meet again. If you want to grow with God during this time here are some helpful resources for primary school kids:

Armour of God

Holy Spirit Dove Craft

Week 9 - HeronKidz

Make a Badge of Honour

Week 8 - HeronKidz

Week 7 - HeronKidz


Week 6 - HeronKidz

Week 5 - HeronKidz

Week 4 - HeronKidz

Week 3 - HeronKidz

Week 2 - HeronKidz

Week 1 - HeronKidz

HeronKidz is a place where your child can laugh and play, learn and grow, develop friendships and community, and discover God’s great love for them. Through games, activities, and engaging curriculum our team aims to inspire curiosity and wonder about God. Our hope is that we can be the spark that ignites a deeper sense of identity, belonging, and mission in each and every child we serve.

Kids aged 3 up to 13. Sunday School runs during the main service on Sunday Mornings from 9am at HeronBridge College.



NOTE: The Youth meet online on Tuesday evenings at 5pm. Contact Janique for more information 084 533 7781.

An environment where our teen leaders strive to teach our teens that church can be fun and transformative at the same time.  Our heart is to make a student impact – the kind of place where no one stands alone.

Teen Ministry (High School Kids) runs during the main service on Sunday Mornings from 9am at HeronBridge College when we meet in person.



HeronBridge Community Church is committed to help our Young Adults navigate through the transition into adulthood and solidify their faith.

Young Adults meet weekly for Bible Study on Thursday Nights.

NOTE: This ministry is continuing with the use of ZOOM. Contact the church for more information.



HeronBridge Community Church is committed and passionate about caring for the community around us, striving to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Understanding that we are called to take care of not only our brothers and sisters, but our wider community too, we are concerned with both the physical needs as well as the spiritual needs which may arise. A devoted and faithful team aims to offer Christ-centered and Biblical support through prayer and counselling, to those who may find themselves in need.

Should you have any need for prayer or counselling, please contact us at:



The vision of this outreach program is to equip, empower and release teachers from disadvantaged communities into their God-given purpose and destiny through education and training.

The course is attended by in-service practitioners from our surrounding disadvantaged communities. The training programme runs in 18 month cycles, while weekly training takes place on Thursday mornings at the HTRC offices at HeronBridge College.  Other mornings during the week are spent out in the community working alongside the teachers in their various circumstances, to provide support in assimilating and applying the course material effectively.

We are only too well aware of the many challenges faced by the teachers with whom we work. It is the prayer of all involved that God will enable a real influence for significant change in each of the schools and that his gracious hand will always be on the HTRC Project.

To find out more, visit their website:



Lesedi Outreach is an independent education program which offers extra-schooling to the children of the Lanseria district. Lesedi Outreach seeks to address the various barriers in learning, made prominent by the lack of resources and inadequate skills, by providing tutorials which specifically facilitate the children’s needs.

The Lesedi community connect every Saturday at HeronBridge College where weekly classes are held.  Maths and English are the basic instruction, whilst personal guidance and support is afforded to each student.  At Lesedi we operate on the premise that every growing child is a promise for a future of hope.

To find out more, visit their website:



Serving is an integral part of who we are at HeronBridge Community Church – From setting up on a Sunday morning; hosting Bible Studies during the week; praying for and reaching out to our community; teaching the youth and the little ones; there are plenty of ways to get involved with the life of our church!

Our ministry teams are always looking for more hands to join them.