HeronBridge Community Church is multi-cultural and non-denominational church which strives to be a spiritual home for believers of Jesus Christ. As a church we are committed to building a family of people who will love, reach and transform the community around them. Furthermore, as a body of people committed to God’s Word, we strive to be a people who look up towards Him for guidance, look in as we strive to be more Christ-like and look out as we aim to influence our surroundings for the sake of the Gospel.

We as a church believe in the plurality of leadership being undertaken by a tiered leadership model. Our Elders are responsible and accountable to God, for the affairs – both spiritual and temporal – of HeronBridge Community Church. Our appointed Diaconate is inclusively responsible for decision making and leadership within the church. The Elders and Deacons, along with invited members of the church, make up the church Council which is responsible for decision making around church matters as well as the smooth running of the church. As a member of our church family, we also believe that you have a say in these matters and so we employ and believe in a congregational involvement in HeronBridge’s Church life.

The church’s constitution can be accessed here.



Nick Bekker

Senior Pastor

Nick trained as a lawyer before entering the ministry in 1998. In addition to serving as a pastor in South Africa, he and his wife, Trish, served with OMF International as church planters in Thailand for 9 years and as Directors of OMF in Singapore for 3 years. Nick has been a part of HeronBridge Community Church since 2018, as Senior Pastor. He is passionate about the church as Christ’s beloved bride and God’s chosen instrument to reach a broken and hurting world.
Nick and Trish have 3 children, Jonty, Emily and Nina.

Gorden Nzira

Worship Leader

Gorden Taurai Nzira is a gifted and passionate worshiper, singer/songwriter and music director with many years experience working with diverse worship bands in Zimbabwe and South Africa. He speaks four languages fluently namely, IsiNdebele, IsiZulu, English and ChiShona. Gorden studied Marketing Management at Harare Polytechnic College. He is married to Nandipha, and they are blessed with three children, Mbalenhle, Nicanor and Carl.

Janique van der Merwe

Youth Pastor

Janique is a graduate of the Baptist Theological College, having completed her degree in Theology in 2013. She is passionate about God‘s children and seeing them come to a full knowledge of Him. Janique is involved full time as one of HeronBridge College’s Youth Pastors and pastors the HeronBridge Community Church’s youth. She is married to Joel.

Trish Bekker

Church Administrator & HeronKidz Coordinator

Trish served (with Nick) with OMF International as church planter, in training and development, and is currently the short term and long term missions co-ordinator. Trish has a background in Human Resources having worked in corporate and in small business. Trish completed her Certificate in Theology through Baptist Theological College.